Specializing in autosport design and construction, we cater to the individual whose appetite demands more than just a production sports car. From the classic sports car to the exotic auto, Applied Force will inspire you to dream. Whether a beautiful classic such as the AC Cobra, the Daytona Coupe, the GT-40, or virtually any other vintage sports car, AF will construct your masterpiece. Using state of the art technology, space-age tubular chassis, and race craft componentry, we can give you more than just a replica of a classic. We can give you cutting edge technology while maintaining the integrity of the timeless body lines you fell in in love with. Our passion for cars isn’t exclusive to creating traditional-looking sports cars — our experienced craftsmen hand build all types of vehicles that are not only race proven but refreshingly original. Applied Force’s mission to raise the benchmark and become the platform for true automotive craftsmanship can always be seen in any of our projects.

Slam'n Sammy Miller
Every story has a beginning…mine began with my dad, Sammy Miller. His racing accolades are the things of legend. My dad was the sort of guy that everyone liked —not an arrogant man, nor selfish. The first guy to lend a hand and always have a smile on his face. You would never know that you were speaking with the world’s fastest man. Holding over 30 US and International speed records would make you think that it would change a man’s persona. Not Sammy….

Growing up when everyone else idealized heroes, I was fortunate to have a father that was greater than any superhero could ever be. I grew up with a professional race car driver as a father, that still made the time to play. As the years passed and I grew older my father stopped being just my dad, but also my best friend. When I started Applied Force, LLC., he believed in me and encouraged me to take the step. My dad had a way of seeing more in someone than they saw in themselves. As the shop evolved we spent almost every day together working on various projects and prototype equipment. I wouldn't trade those memories and experiences for anything, and they guide the principles and craftsmanship of AF to this day. I’d like to share some pictures with you…

Blast off Sammy Miller
Poffenberger with body up
Sammy being strapped in
Pollution Packer advertisement
Mustang funny car
Mustang funny car lining up
Mustang funny car doing burnout
Mustang funny car body up
Vanishing Point body up
Oxygen car
Vanishing Point at Santa Pod raceway
Mustang funny car end of run
Vanishing Point
Spirit of 76 with body up
Spirit of 76 launching from start
Vanishing Point Vega body
Vanishing Point F-body next to Vega body